Athens Health Summit – November 2021

Emerging stronger from the pandemic
November 23rd & 24th 2021

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Summit’s Overview

The ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic continues to be an unprecedented health and socioeconomic crisis, whilst its direct and indirect effects reveal the absolute need for sustained investments.

A global pandemic requires a global solution. It requires actions based on solidarity, fairness, inclusiveness and transparency. WHO’s proposal for an international treaty, shows that the international community needs to be better prepared and aligned. “One Health” approach -a collaborative, multisectoral and transdisciplinary approach which recognizes that people’s health is closely connected to animal’s health and also to our shared environment- is definitely not something new, but has become more and more important.

The first day of the Athens Health Summit focuses on the European strategy to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, including the actions to mitigate the socioeconomic impact as well as the recovery plan launched to help rebuild a post-Covid-19 Europe, more resilient to future challenges.

The second day of the conference focuses on the pandemic management in Greece. Looking towards the future, we discuss the opportunities and possibilities to build a resilient and strong health system in the post-Covid era, leveraging the full potential of digital transformation and making the health sector a driving force in the growth of local economy.

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In this summit, high-ranking officials of the European Commission and the WHO, representatives of the Greek government and distinguished academics, protagonists in the management of the pandemic, will present the latest initiatives towards a new vision for Health.

Language options: English & Greek

Summit’s Content

Europe’s pandemic response and vision for the future

“One Health” approach for the common interest

Covid-19 pandemic in Greece: Facts & Figures

Building a resilient and stronger Healthcare Ecosystem

Leveraging the full potential of Digital Transformation

Health as the driving force of the Greek economy

The mRNA technology and the new age of vaccines

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