Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Just Transition Development Plan

Kostis Moussouroulis is an economist and senior officer of the European Commission, currently Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Just Transition Development Plan. He has been seconded from Brussels to Athens, upon request of the Greek government, and appointed by the Inter-ministerial Committee on delignitisation, on March 2020.

He comes from the island of Chios.

He is former Minister of Shipping and the Aegean (2012-2013) and former Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy in the caretaker Government (2015).

He served as Secretary General of Investments and Development (2004-2007) and as Secretary General at the Ministry of Development (2007-2009) responsible for Energy.

In the parliamentary election of 2009 he was elected for the first time as a New Democracy MP for the constituency of Chios. He was re-elected in the parliamentary elections of 2012.

He has received a number of honorary distinctions, major being the Golden Cross of the Order of Excellence for Shipping (French Republic).

He has occupied Chairman’s positions in committees and councils and has been Member of the Board of the European Investment Bank (2007-2009), of the Hellenic Public Gas Company (2007-2009) and of the National Energy Strategy Council (2009), this not being an extensive list though.

He is author of two books and of a number of articles. He is also lecturer in University postgraduate courses.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Athens University of Economics and Business. He holds a MSc in European Economics and a MA in International Relations from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Kostis Moussouroulis is married to Mary Panoussi and is father of three.